Technological opportunities in the health industry for companies from the metal-mechanic industry


To identify and analyse technological development opportunities in the health industry for companies from the metal-mechanic industry in Gipuzkoa.


The identification of two rehabilitation products, capable of being manufactured by companies from the metal-mechanic industry in Gipuzkoa.

Technological opportunities, health industry, companies, metal-mechanic industry

IK4-TEKNIKER implements market research so that companies from the metal-mechanic industry in Gipuzkoa can branch out into other industries, in this case, the health industry.

Starting with the identification of the different agents that make up the sanitary ecosystem, the research has focussed on the healthcare sector in Gipuzkoa and the analysis of opportunities has focussed on solutions for upper limb rehabilitation.

Outlining the scope for action has enabled a detailed analysis of the technical solutions that currently exist on the market, in which needs that are not being covered and demands from users which are not being met have been identified.

Different agents in the value chain have been consulted for this, from users, therapists, rehabilitation doctors to suppliers, who have all offered their perspective and have underlined their interest in the results obtained.

IK4-TEKNIKER has carried out an exhaustive analysis of the technical viability of the design and manufacturing of the opportunities identified, as well as a revision of market potential and business models.

IK4-TEKNIKER continues to support this line of work, backed by the existing interest and demand from users of the technical solutions in the health sector and the potential for technological development that this implies.

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