Renewable Energy

Solar Thermal Energy (CSP)

Energy storage

Wind power

Stirling Engines

Photovoltaic solar power

IK4-TEKNIKER provides solutions regarding:

  • Design of new components (thermal, mechanical, etc.)
  • Advanced controls
  • Design of surfaces, tribological coatings and solutions
  • Heat transfer fluids and energy storage
  • Implementation and optimisation of operations and maintenance (O&M)

In particular, IK4-TEKNIKER has developed solutions in the following areas of the renewable energy sector:

Solar thermal energy (Concentrated solar power)

  • Design of new components
    • Design of concentrated solarpower systems
    • Precision tracking systems
    • Small-scale heliostats
    • Test benches
    • Verification and control systems for the assembly process
  • Coatings
    • Optical functionalization of surfaces: selective coatings, reflectives, antireflectives, etc.
    • Development of coatings with hydrophobic, hydrophilic, biocide, self-cleaning, photocatalytic, etc. characteristics
  • Heat transfer and storage
    • Modelling and simulation of thermohydraulic systems
    • Development, characterisation and monitoring of heat-transfer fluids and molten salts
    • Encapsulated PCMs and use of nanotechnology for enhancing the thermal properties of materials for storage and heat transfer
  • Control, operation and maintenance
    • Control and management using wireless communications systems
    • Predictive maintenance based on analysis of HTFs
    • Advanced control of processes
    • New O&M strategies
    • Automated field inspection
    • Ad-hoc sensor system

Electric and heat storage

  • Magnetically-levitated flywheels
  • Redox (VRB) flow battery
  • Design of intelligent materials for accumulating thermal energy

Wind power

  • Lubrication of critical elements
    • Development of biolubricants
    • In-use control of lubricants, estimation of remaining useful life, etc.
    • On-line sensor system
  • Design and  simulation of mechatronics  
  • Development of advanced controls (machines and wind farm)
  • Component testing
  • Strategies for advanced maintenance

Stirling Engines

  • Development of kinematic engines for various applications ("waste to energy", solar, etc.)
  • Testing and  characterisation of engine and subsystems
  • Development of new controls
  • Diagnosis and repair service for the configuration of V160-V161 engines

Photovoltaic solar power

  • Development of solar CIGS cells: CIGS absorber coatings, contacts and buffer layers
  • Development of transparent conductive oxides (TCO)
  • Development of laser scribing processes for thin-film solar cells
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