To increase the penetration of solar electricity and reduce emissions of greenhouse effect gases.


Development of one of the key parts of photovoltaic panels, the CIGS absorber.

PVD Coatings for photovoltaic panels

Over the last years, photovoltaic installations have experienced strong growth around the world, with the fundamental objective of increasing the solar electricity penetration as well as reducing emissions of greenhouse effect gases.

IK45-TEKNIKER has used PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) technology to develop one of the key parts of photovoltaic panels, the CIGS absorber.

PVD is a type of technology for fine layer coatings (from tenths of nanometres to microns) that is obtained by vacuum evaporation. Thanks to this technique, extremely hard coatings can be obtained, thus increasing the life of components. In addition, it allows modification of the surface properties of a material in order to achieve the desired functions and obtain excellent surface finishes.

The technology used by IK4-TEKNIKER in the development of solar panels, PVD coating, has an infinite number of applications in other sectors: mechanical components, car headlamps, solar, spectacles, metallization of crisp bags, touch screens, architectural glass, microelectronics, etc.

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