LUBMAT 2018 will address the most recent developments reported in the field of industrial lubrication in San Sebastian focused on enhancing company competitiveness

Date 05-06-2018 IK4-TEKNIKER Tags Congresses .

The event has been jointly organised by the Basque technology centre IK4-TEKNIKER and the British Institute of Technology JOST.

Machines that can be integrated very easily into a company´s digitisation process, intelligence capabilities incorporated to machines allowing them to respond autonomously, supervising and ensuring that the process is producing defect-free parts or machine condition monitoring to predict possible failures or quality problems, etc., are some of the key elements of the industry 4.0 approach to which maintenance 4.0 has also been incorporated.

Thanks to the progress made in disciplines such as tribology -studying wear and corrosion- or lubrication management it is now possible to implement predictive maintenance strategies that lengthen machine life cycles, reduce costs, boost process efficiency and enhance company competitiveness.

In this regard, recent innovations reported in disciplines such as tribology -that studies wear and corrosion - or lubrication have made it possible to activate predictive maintenance strategies allowing companies to fully incorporate machines in their digitisation processes meaning that they can now perform condition monitoring to detect potential failures and defects in order to extend life cycles, reduce costs, boost process efficiency and enhance competitiveness.

It is within this context that the 6th edition of the LUBMAT conference will be taking place; a forum jointly organised by the Basque technology centre IK4-TEKNIKER and JOST, the Institute of Tribotechnology, Lancastershire University, on June 5 and 6 at Palacio Miramar in San Sebastian. The event will be sponsored by the Basque Government and two organisations for the promotion of tourism called Explore San Sebastián Region and Donostia San Sebastián Tourism and Convention Bureau.

For two days and under the slogan “The closest encounter between science and industry”, outstanding experts from the scientific community and industrial stakeholders will share their knowledge and address challenges related to industrial lubrication, recent developments with regard to component condition monitoring and new trends in the field of tribology.

The event will revolve around two days of workshops and lectures featuring outstanding international speakers such as the director of the Nanoprobe Laboratory for Bio and Nanotechnology at Ohio State University, Bharat Bhusham, the director for oil monitoring at Bureau Veritas, Sam Fisher, or the R&D Head Christine Fuchs from Fuchs Lubricants, among others.

The technology centre will also play a significant role during the event as technical lectures will be given by several of its in-house researchers. Among others, Eduardo Gilabert will talk about dynamic optimisation as a key methodology for machine maintenance and logistics.

The purpose of the MAINWIND+ project, in which IK4-TEKNIKER is currently involved, is to optimise wind farm maintenance processes. This issue will be covered in a lecture to be given by Egoitz Konde.

LUBMAT 2018, IK4-TEKNIKER and BVLM (Bureau Veritas Lubrication Management) will close the event with guided tours to their facilities.

LUBMAT is the end result of a collaborative agreement signed by the Jost Institute and IK4-TEKNIKER. It has progressively become a European benchmark event for the industry whose ultimate goal is to share the most recent developments in terms of products and services related to industrial lubrication.

The Basque Government and the Gipuzkoa-based tourism promotion organisations Explore San Sebastián Region and Donostia San Sebastián Tourism & Convention Bureau will sponsor this sixth edition.

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