Industry of science

IK4-TEKNIKER is a fully consolidated player in the development of components, systems and solutions for projects and facilities devoted to scientific research.

They involve high-precision, state-of-the-art components that function in extreme conditions in terms of temperature, magnetic and electrical fields, and vacuum atmospheres.

So IK4-TEKNIKER applies the latest design techniques (mechatronic, optical, cross-layer, etc.), multidomain calculation (EM, thermal, mechanical, CFD, etc.), simulation, assembly and testing, and thus supplies modern particle accelerators, telescopes, synchrotrons, neutron sources, etc.

IK4-TEKNIKER´s portfolio of transverse technologies is finding more and more applications in the "Industry of Science" and in the high added-value products being demanded.

IK4-TEKNIKER participates in all the phases of the life cycle of very different scientific facilities:

Neutron sources

  • Complete instruments
  • Neutron optics
            • Monochromators
            • Collimators
            • Neutron analysers
            • Transmission monitors
  • Chopper selectors
  • Sample environment
            • Sample-holder tables
            • Detectors based on thin B4C and B10 layers

Particle accelerators

  • Ambient temperature accelerator cavities
  • H+ and H- diagnostics
  • Beam stops
  • Supports and alignment systems
  • Ion sources
            • Test benches for components for accelerators and ion sources

Fusion facilities

  • Machine-tool adaptations for beryllium machining
  • Beryllium machining
  • Radiation diagnostics and sensors (bolometers, etc.)
  • Portable machines for carrying out work in reactors


  • Large-sized, high-precision motorised mounts (altitude-azimuth)
  • Instrument rotators
  • Frames
  • Instrument simulators
  • Drive control

Primary metrology laboratories

  • Template development (length, angle and pressure)
  • Special measuring equipment on request
  • Development of measuring techniques and new processes

Transverse activities

  • Adapting of mechatronic systems
  • Built-to-print specifications for the manufacture of high added-value components
  • Testing procedures and tests in harsh conditions

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