IK4-TEKNIKER Euskaraldiarekin bat!

Date 19-10-2018 IK4-TEKNIKER

IK4-TEKNIKER joins in the challenge to promote the Basque language at the workplace via the Euskaraldia initiative.

This year, and in its efforts to encourage the use of the Basque language within the organisation, IK4-TEKNIKER will be joining Euskaraldia.

Euskaraldia is an initiative that will be carried out in the Basque Country from November 23 until December 3 whose aim is to increase the use of the Basque language in all spheres (at home, on the job, at schools or in the streets) and thus change societal linguistic habits in everyday life.

Anybody wishing to participate in this initiative must choose a role, either “Ahobizi” or “Belarriprest” and play it for these 11 days.

On the one hand, the “Ahobizi” role is geared towards people that already speak Basque and agree to use its during these days. On the other, those that decide to be “Belarriprest” will be ready to listen to other people speaking Basque regardless of the language they answer in.

Euskaraldia at IK4-TEKNIKER

Starting on April 3 this year, and in order to support and promote this initiative, IK4-TEKNIKER has launched the so-called “Euskaraldia at IK4-TEKNIKER”. On two Wednesdays every month, every fortnight, technology centre staff will have the possibility of playing the “Ahobizi” or “Belarriprest” roles to encourage people to speak Basque at IK4-TEKNIKER.

This challenge has been taken on board with great enthusiasm and a firm commitment on the part of the staff as it will offer wonderful opportunity to speak the Basque language more at the workplace.

Come and participate in Euskaraldia!

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