Armeria Eskola (School of Armoury)

Armeria Eskola (the School of Armoury) is a professional training centre created on the initiative of Eibar City Council and at the request of a group of business leaders back in 1912, in order to help the industrial development of Eibar and its surrounding district. It began teaching while maintaining close links with the local arms industry which existed then, and subsequently the School specialised in areas of precision mechanics, electricity-electronics, and quality design and management.

It became a driving force in the application of new technologies linked to local industries and, in cooperation with these and its Past Students’ Association, was the origin in 1981 of the "TEKNIKER Research Centre".

Its interest in and dedication to maintaining the strategy then set out has meant that the Armeria Eskola has evolved to become the institution that it is today.

Mr. Imanol Urreisti, Director of the School of Armoury, is the person who represents this institution in the Governing Board.

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