A workshop on “Selective solar coatings: Development, characterisation and ageing”

Date 02-02-2016 IK4-TEKNIKER

IK4-TEKNIKER will hold a workshop on February 11 called “Selective Solar Coatings: Development, characterisation and ageing”.

The IK4-TEKNIKER technology centre will host a workshop at its facilities on February 11 called “Selective solar coatings: Development, characterisation and ageing” within the framework of the European NESCO project it is currently leading.

The aim of the NECSO project is to use nanotechnology to design coatings for pipes used by solar plant manufacturers to guarantee lifecycles ranging from 20 to 25 years and achieve higher levels of efficiency in the field of solar power generation.

IK4-TEKNIKER’s role in the project

The target set by IK4-TEKNIKER, on the one hand, is based on correlating layer properties at a nanometric level, such as nano-hardness or crystallography, with performance requirements and, on the other, on developing characterisation and degradation properties as a tool for coating manufacturers and users.

Seminar programme

The end results of this project will be discussed during the meeting and experts will be there to present a complementary vision with regard to selective solar coatings.

The following subjects shall be addressed during the seminar:

“Sol-gel based selective coatings: from coil absorber coating to high power coating”
Boris Orel, National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia

“Oxidation of metal compounds in solar absorber coatings”
Pierre Ponthiaux, Ecole Centrale Paris, France

“The search for degradation indicators for life-time assessment of spectrally selective coatings”
Angela Surca, National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia

“Ageing of selective absorber coatings: lessons learned from Necso project”
Javier Barriga, IK4-TEKNIKER, Spain

“Mechanical properties of solar coatings as obtained by nanoindentation and scratch testing”
Jiri Nohava, ANTON PAAR, Switzerland

“Degradation of receiver tubes optical performance after four years of operation”
Guillermo Espinosa Rueda, Abengoa Solar, Spain

“Accelerated aging tests on ENEA-ASE solar coating”
Augusto Maccari, Archimede Solar Energy, Italy

“Durability testing of parabolic though receivers: overheating, cycling and AR-coating abrasion”
Florian Sutter, DLR, Germany

The meeting will be attended by science experts and leading stakeholders related to the supply chain: from manufacturers to end users.

Additional information

Although no registration fees will be charged, seating is limited.

To register, please use the following address: javier.barriga@tekniker.es

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