4.0 Technology for machine tools of the future

Date 16-07-2018 IK4-TEKNIKER

The challenge posed by the machine tool sector is related to properly addressing the so-called "Industry 4.0" revolution resulting from multiple opportunities connected to product and process digitisation.

Digital technology linked to the so-called fourth industrial revolution has caused heightened expectations in the machine tool and advanced manufacturing sector. Interconnected equipment, fully automated lines, robots which work with people, smart factories. Ultimately, new business models have been ushered in by technological advances which will transform industrial plants.

To properly structure an analysis on what can make a company more competitive and the kind of characteristics a machine should feature, it is necessary to have a reference model to guide machine buyers and users so they may discover the most relevant technological aspects in each case.

As a starting point, attention must be paid to the drivers, trends or factors in the business where an organisation is competing. For instance, product customisation, life cycle costs or the availability of operators and their skills, among other things.

Another differential aspect relative to the competition is related to having a solution that helps to optimise a process.

Aitor Alzaga, Coordinator of Industry 4.0 and Javier Arzamendi, Coordinator of the Machine Tool sector at IK4-TEKNIKER

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