Argitalpen zientifikoak

U. Eletxigerra, J. Martinez-Perdiguero, S. Merino, R. Barderas, R.M. Torrente-Rodríguez, R. Villalonga, J.M. Pingarrón, S. Campuzano

Amperometric magnetoimmunosensor for ErbB2 breast cancer biomarker determination in human serum, cell lysates and intact breast cancer cells

A highly sensitive amperometric magnetoimmunosensor for the determination of ErbB2 protein, a well-known biomarker related to high-impact high-incidence diseases such as breast cancer, is described.

Aldizkaria/Liburua Biosensors and Bioelectronics
Data 2015-08-15
Orrialdeak Volume 70, Pages 34–41

Manuel Muniesa, Ángel Fernández, Isabel Clavería, Carlos Javierre, Jon A. Sarasua, Miren Blanco.

A new extrusion head with integrated ultrasonic device and online process parameters measurements system

A new extrusion die with integrated ultrasonic device and online viscosity monitoring system was designed. 

Aldizkaria/Liburua POLIMERY 2015, 60, nr 3
Data 2015

I. Cascón, J.A. Sarasua

Mechanistic model for prediction of cutting forces in turning of non-axisymmetric parts

Most of the existing mechanistic (semiempirical) models for turning are orientated towards continuous cut and are applicable neither to non-axisymmetric parts, nor to the particular case of interrupted turning, so common in real workpieces. 

Aldizkaria/Liburua 15th CIRP Conference On Modelling Of Machining Operations
Data 2015

A. M.Goitandia, G. Beobide, E. Aranzabe, A. Aranzabe

Development of content-stable phase change composites by infiltration into inorganic porous supports

The performance of the vacuum infiltration technique to develop content-stable phase change composites is thoroughly analyzed for a representative spectrum of solid supports that cover a wide range of pore sizes, from micropores (>0.6 nm) to macropores (200 <μm). 

Aldizkaria/Liburua Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells
Data 2015
Orrialdeak vol. 134, pp. 318-328

D. Fernández, V. García Navas, A. Sandá, I. Bengoetxea

Comparison of machining Inconel 718 with conventional and sustainable coolant

The use of super-alloys, most of them Ni- or Ti-based, has significantly increased during the last decade. 

Aldizkaria/Liburua MM (Modern Machinery) Science Journal, December 2014
Data 2014-12
Orrialdeak pp 506-510

S. A. Alves, R. Bayon, A. Igartua, V. Saenz de Viteri, and L. A. Rocha

Tribocorrosion behaviour of anodic titanium oxide films produced by plasma electrolytic oxidation for dental implants

Commercially pure Titanium (cp-Ti) and its alloys are the materials most widely used for dental implant applications. 

Aldizkaria/Liburua Lubrication Science
Data 2014-11
Orrialdeak Vol. 26, pp. 500-513, Nov-Dec 2014

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