Argitalpen zientifikoak

Amado Lacruz, Mireia Salvador, Miren Blanco, Karmele Vidal, Amaia M. Goitandia, Lenka Martinková, Martin Kyselka and Antxon Martínez de Ilarduya

Aldizkaria/Liburua MDPI, Polymers, Special Issue Multifunctional Advanced Textile Materials
Data 2021-05-17
Orrialdeak Vol.13, Issue 10

Cristina Aceta, Johan Kildal, Izaskun Fernández, Aitor Soroa

Towards an optimal design of natural human interaction mechanisms for a service robot with ancillary way-finding capabilities in industrial environments

In this paper, a robot that provides way-finding services within an industrial facility (e.g., finding a person or place) and is able to naturally interact with workers is presented.

Aldizkaria/Liburua Production & Manufacturing Research
Data 2021-03-21
Orrialdeak Volume 9, Pages 1-32

Iker Esnaola, Marko Jelic, Dea Pujic, Francisco Javier Diez, Nikola Tomaševic

An AI-powered system for residential demand response

 The article explains a system based on artificial intelligence that solves the complex multi-objective problem to bring demand response programs to the residential sector.

Aldizkaria/Liburua Electronics
Data 2021-03-16
Orrialdeak 10(6), 693

Xabier Mendibil, Francisco González-Pérez, Xabier Bazan, Ruth Díez-Ahedo, Iban Quintana, Francisco Javier Rodríguez, Pooja Basnett, Rinat Nigmatullin, Barbara Lukasiewicz, Ipsita Roy, Caroline S. Taylor, Adam Glen, Frederik Claeyssens, John W. Haycock, Wa

A bioresorbable and mechanically optimized nerve guidance conduit based on a naturally derived medium chain length polyhydroxyalkanoate and poly(e-caprolactone) blend

This paper reports a novel blend of a natural medium chain length polyhydroxyalkanoate (MCL-PHA) with a synthetic aliphatic polyester, poly(ε-caprolactone) (PCL), suitable for extrusion based high-throughput manufacturing.

Aldizkaria/Liburua ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering
Data 2021-01-21
Orrialdeak 7, 2, 672–689

U. Eletxigerra, J. Martinez-Perdiguero, S. Merino, R. Barderas, R.M. Torrente-Rodríguez, R. Villalonga, J.M. Pingarrón, S. Campuzano

Amperometric magnetoimmunosensor for ErbB2 breast cancer biomarker determination in human serum, cell lysates and intact breast cancer cells

A highly sensitive amperometric magnetoimmunosensor for the determination of ErbB2 protein, a well-known biomarker related to high-impact high-incidence diseases such as breast cancer, is described.

Aldizkaria/Liburua Biosensors and Bioelectronics
Data 2015-08-15
Orrialdeak Volume 70, Pages 34–41

Manuel Muniesa, Ángel Fernández, Isabel Clavería, Carlos Javierre, Jon A. Sarasua, Miren Blanco.

A new extrusion head with integrated ultrasonic device and online process parameters measurements system

A new extrusion die with integrated ultrasonic device and online viscosity monitoring system was designed. 

Aldizkaria/Liburua POLIMERY 2015, 60, nr 3
Data 2015