Argitalpen zientifikoak

E. Gorritxategi, P. Etxaniz, J., J. Terradillos

Integrated Condition Monitoring System for Wind Turbine Monitoring

Wind Energy association statistics says that changing from Preventive to Predictive maintenance, the reduction of maintenance costs is around 47%. 

Aldizkaria/Liburua STLE Annual Meeting & Exhibition, May 18-22, 2014
Data 2014-05-18

A. Igartua, R. Bayon, G. Mendoza

Plasma electrolytic Oxidation coatings for engine components

This work summarizes the corrosion, tribological and tribocorrosion response of different Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) coatings developed on aluminium-silicon alloys destined to replace cast iron liners in a total aluminium engine block, as well as the tribological behaviour of Mg pistons improved with PEO treatments as possible candidates for Al pistons replacement. 

Aldizkaria/Liburua Journal ATA (Associaziones Tecnica dell’ Automobile”, Volumen 67, Mayo-Junio (2014)
Data 2014-05

V. Pejakovic, M. Kronberger, and M. Kalin

Influence of temperature on tribological behaviour of ionic liquids as lubricants and lubricant additives

Ionic liquids are low-melting-point salts composed entirely of ions, and many of them are liquids at room temperature. 

Aldizkaria/Liburua Lubrication Science
Data 2014-03
Orrialdeak Science, vol. 26, pp. 107-115, Mar 2014

J. Martinez-Perdiguero, A. Retolaza, L. Bujanda, and S. Merino

Surface plasmon resonance immunoassay for the detection of the TNF alpha biomarker in human serum

A simple method for the detection of TNF-alpha protein biomarker in human serum with great sensitivity has been developed using a surface plasmon resonance biosensor. 

Aldizkaria/Liburua Talanta, vol. 119, Feb 15 2014.
Data 2014-02-15
Orrialdeak pp. 492-497.

A. Retolaza, A. Juarros, D. Otaduy, S. Merino, V. Navarro-Fuster, M.G. Ramirez, P.G. Boj, J.A. Quintana, J.M. Villalvilla, M.A. Diaz-Garcia

Thermal-nanoimprint lithography for perylenediimide-based distributed feedback laser fabrication

In the present work thermal-nanoimprint lithography of various commercial thermoplastic resists as matrixes for perylenediimides (PDIs) has been studied. 

Aldizkaria/Liburua Microelectronic Engineering, vol. 114, Feb 2014.
Data 2014-02
Orrialdeak pp. 52-56

C. Cerrillo, A. Jimenez, M. Rufo, J. Paniagua, and F. T. Pachon

"New contributions to granite characterization by ultrasonic testing"

Ultrasound evaluation permits the state of rocks to be determined quickly and cheaply, satisfying the demands faced by today´s producers of ornamental stone, such as environmental sustainability, durability and safety of use. 

Aldizkaria/Liburua Ultrasonics
Data 2014-01
Orrialdeak Vol. 54, pp. 156-167, Jan 2014.