A new extrusion head with integrated ultrasonic device and online process parameters measurements system

Autorea: Manuel Muniesa, Ángel Fernández, Isabel Clavería, Carlos Javierre, Jon A. Sarasua, Miren Blanco. Data2015

A new extrusion die with integrated ultrasonic device and online viscosity monitoring system was designed. 

This new construction was tested in the process of high density polyethylene (PE-HD) extrusion. Ultrasonic vibration is applied at various flow rates of material flowing through the output die channel, making the process more efficient. Under ultrasounds application, extrudate flow rate is enhanced by up to 10%. Die pressure is reduced by up to 16 % for all the rates studied, being this reduction higher as flow rate is lower. Viscosity values are reduced by between 5 and 8%, depending on the flow rate applied. Temperature is slightly increased.