Publicaciones científicas

Eva Rodríguez Vidal, Jon Lambarri, Carlos Soriano, Carmen Sanz, G.Verhaehe

“A combined experimental and numerical approach to the laser joining of hybrid Polymer – Metal parts”

A two-step method for the joining of opaque polymer to metal is presented. Firstly, the metal is structured locally on a micro-scale level, to ensure adhesion with the polymeric counterpart. In a second step, the opposite side of the micro-structured metal is irradiated by means of a laser source. 

Revista/Libro Physics Procedia, Vol.56 (2014) 835-844 (LANE 2014)
Fecha 2014
Páginas doi:10.1016/j.phpro.2014.08.101

I. Quintana, D. Matthews, E. Rodríguez-Vidal

Laser texturing of imprinting dies using nanosecond pulses. Applications for automotive industry

The machining response of imprinting dies when subjected to nano - second laser processing is investigated in this research. 

Revista/Libro Proceedings of the Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 1 (1) (2014)
Fecha 2014
Páginas 961-973

R. Ortiz, S. Moreno-Flores, I. Quintana, MdM Vivanco, J.R. Sarasua, J.L. Toca-Herrera

Ultra-fast laser microprocessing of medical polymers for cell engineering applications

Picosecond laser micromachining technology (PLM) has been employed as a tool for the fabrication of 3D structured substrates. 

Revista/Libro Materials Science and Engineering: C 37 (2014)
Fecha 2014
Páginas 241-250

J. Leunda, V. García Navas, C. Soriano, C. Sanz

Effect of laser tempering of high alloy powder metallurgical tool steels after laser cladding

The effect of tempering after laser cladding of a high alloyed powder metallurgical tool steel was studied for die repairing purposes. 

Revista/Libro Surface & Coatings Technology 259 (2014)
Fecha 2014
Páginas 570-576

C. Soriano, J. Leunda, J. Lambarri, C. Sanz, I. Tabernero, A. Lamikiz

Aplicación de la técnica de plaqueado láser a la reparación y fabricación de moldes y matrices para trabajo en frío

Los aceros de herramientas y fundiciones empleados en procesos de conformado en frío presentan unas propiedades que otorgan una solución equilibrada en cuanto a la deformación, resistencia al desgaste y a la corrosión y la estabilidad dimensional de los materiales. 

Revista/Libro IMHE: Información de máquinas-herramienta, equipos y accesorios, 406 (2014)
Fecha 2014
Páginas 73-78

Eva Rodríguez Vidal, Iban Quintana, César Gadea

“Laser transmission welding of ABS: Effect of CNTs concentration and process parameters on material integrity and weld formation”

This paper reports a study of the laser transmission welding of polymeric joints composed by two ABS (acrylonitrile/butadiene/styrene) sheets, one transparent (natural ABS) and the other absorbent (filled by different percentages of carbon nanotubes (CNTs)). 

Revista/Libro Optics and Laser Technology 57 (2014) 194-201
Fecha 2014