Publicaciones científicas

E. Gorritxategi, P. Etxaniz, J., J. Terradillos

Innovative sensor for the detection of early stage of degradation of gas engines

Gas engines operate at extreme conditions and its lubricant is also affected by these extreme conditions; high temperatures and pressures or exigent operation cycles. 

Revista/Libro Lubmat 2014
Fecha 2014

A. Olarra, G. Kortaberria, E. Rodriguez, E. Gomez-Acedo, C. Villasante

Fast, Compact and Precise Reflector Panel Measurement based on Autocollimation Principle

This paper presents a novel solution for the inline control of solar reflector panels based on the autocollimation principle.  

Revista/Libro Energy Procedia (Proceedings of the SolarPACES 2013 International Conference)
Fecha 2014
Páginas Volume 49, Pages 2162–2169

E. Gomez-Acedo, A. Olarra, J. Orive, L.N Lopez de la Calle

Methodology for the design of a thermal distortion compensation for large machine tools based in state-space representation with Kalman filter

This paper presents a methodology for the design of a thermal distortion compensation system.

Revista/Libro International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture
Fecha 2013-12
Páginas Volume 75, Pages 100–108

Eva Rodríguez Vidal, Iban Quintana, Carmen Sanz

“Laser welding of polymers and hybrid laser joining of polymer-metal”

This article presents the study of laser transmission welding of polymeric joints that are composed of two ABS (Acrylonitrile/Butadiene/Styrene) sheets, one transparent and the other absorbent to the laser radiation. 

Revista/Libro The 13th Euro-Japanese Symposium on Composite Materials (November 2013)
Fecha 2013-11

Y. Bao, D. T. Gawne, J. Gao, T. Zhang, B. Diaz Cuenca, and A. Alberdi

"Thermal-spray deposition of enamel on aluminium alloys"

Traditional enamelling requires high temperatures, which soften high-performance aluminium substrates and limit their application in engineering. 

Revista/Libro Surface & Coatings Technology
Fecha 2013-10
Páginas vol. 232, pp. 150-158, Oct. 2013.

M. Conte, B. Pinedo, and A. Igartua

Role of crystallinity on wear behavior of PTFE composites

Tribological behavior of PTFE composites is well known to be affected by factors depending mainly by matrix and filler properties. 

Revista/Libro Wear
Fecha 2013-09-30
Páginas Vol. 307, pp. 81-86, Sep 30 2013.