Fast, Compact and Precise Reflector Panel Measurement based on Autocollimation Principle

Autor: A. Olarra, G. Kortaberria, E. Rodriguez, E. Gomez-Acedo, C. Villasante Fecha2014

This paper presents a novel solution for the inline control of solar reflector panels based on the autocollimation principle.  

The proposed technique outperforms previous approaches in several aspects. On the one hand, the inspection cell is only slightly larger than the reflector panel under test, as a result, the inspection cell is compact and improves the use of the layout of the plant. On the other hand, the measurements are carried out with considerably smaller uncertainties than other approaches. The compact arrangement of reflectors and autocollimators provides a solution that is very stable from the mechanical point of view. The measurement principle also contributes to low measurement uncertainties as it has been demonstrated in multitude of commercially available autocollimators. Finally, the measuring time is really short because the measurement consists on taking a simultaneous measurement with the set of autocollimators, similar to taking one photograph. The commercial feasibility of the proposed approach demands the availability of cheap but yet accurate enough autocollimators. IK4 TEKNIKER has already demonstrated such possibility by the design, manufacture and testing of an autocollimator unit specifically developed for the application.

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