Semantic Relatedness for Named Entity Disambiguation Using a Small Wikipedia

Autorea: Fernandez, I. Alegria, and N. Ezeiza Data2011

Resolving Named Entity Disambiguation task with a small knowledge base makes the taskmore challenging. 

Concretely, we present an evaluation of the state-of-the-art methods in this task for Basque NE disambiguation based on the Basque Wikipedia. We have used MFS, VSM, ESA and UKB for linking any ambiguous surface NE form occurrence in a text with its corresponding Wikipedia entry in the Basque Wikipedia version. We have analysed their performance with different corpora and as it was expected, most of them perform worse than when using big Wikipedias such as the English version, but we think these results are more realistic for less-resourced languages. We propose a new normalization factor for ESA to minimise the effect of the knowledge base size.