Double Smart Energy Harvesting System for self-powered Industrial IoT

Autorea: Borja Pozo Larrocha Tesi zuzendaria Dr. José Ignacio Garate, UPV/EHU y Dr. Susana Ferreiro, Tekniker Data2018

Future factories would be based on the Industry 4.0 paradigm. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) represent a part of the solution in this field. As autonomous systems, powering challenges could be solved using energy harvesting technology. The present thesis work combines two alternatives of energy input and management on a single architecture. A mini-reactor and an indoor photovoltaic cell as energy harvesters and a double power manager with AC/DC and DC/DC converters controlled by a low power single controller.

Furthermore, the aforementioned energy management is improved with artificial intelligence techniques, which allows a smart and optimal energy management. Besides, the harvested energy is going to be stored in a low power supercapacitor. The work concludes with the integration of these solutions making IIoT self-powered devices.