"Characterisation of tribocorrosion behaviour of multilayer PVD coatings"

Autorea: R. Bayon, R. Nevshupa, C. Zubizarreta, U. Ruiz de Gopegui, J. Barriga, and A. Igartua Data2010-04

The effect of repassivation on tribocorrosion behaviour of two multilayer coatings of different structures is studied experimentally by measuring the variation of instantaneous open-circuit potential during friction. 

One coating consists of alternating Cr and CrN layers, while another consists of alternated layers of CrN and ZrN. Analysis of the results showed that friction force, i.e. the rate of the mechanical energy supplied to the material in the contact zone, has no direct influence on the tribocorrosion behaviour; however, the wear rate does strongly influence the tribocorrosion. A simple phenomenological model of repassivation of the multilayer coating is developed assuming "surface coverage" approach. This model establishes the relationship between the rate of mechanical activation of material by friction and the behaviour of the open-circuit potential.