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A. Igartua

Editorial: LUBMAT 2012-lubrication, maintenance and tribotechnology

LUBMAT 2012 was held in Bilbao, from 6–8 June 2012 in the Euskalduna Palace. LUBMAT was born in 2006, as a collaboration agreement between Jost Institute for Tribotechnology in UK and IK4-TEKNIKER in Eibar, Spain. 

Revista/Libro Lubrication Science
Fecha 2014-11
Páginas vol. 26, pp. 447-448, Nov-Dec 2014

M. Kronberger, F. Pagano, V. Pejakovic, A. Igartua, E. Urbistondo, and M. Kalin

Miscibility and tribological investigations of ionic liquids in biodegradable esters

The structural impact of ionic liquids was systematically investigated by assessing their behaviour as lubricant additives in two different biodegradable esters (refined rapeseed oil and synthetic ester). 

Revista/Libro Lubrication Science
Fecha 2014-11
Páginas vol. 26, pp. 463-487, Nov-Dec 2014.

V. Totolin, M. Conte, E. Berriozabal, F. Pagano, I. Minami, N. Doerr, A. Igartua, et al.

Tribological investigations of ionic liquids in ultra-high vacuum environment

A tribological investigation of two ionic liquids (ILs) that could be used as potential lubricants for vacuum or space applications is presented. 

Revista/Libro Lubrication Science
Fecha 2014-11
Páginas Vol. 26, pp. 514-524, Nov-Dec 2014

I. Ciarsolo, X. Fernandez, U. Ruiz de Gopegui, C. Zubizarreta, M. D. Abad, A. Mariscal, et al.

Tribological comparison of different C-based coatings in lubricated and unlubricated conditions

The use of carbon-based coatings (hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated DLC, doped and alloyed-DLC) is of wide interest due to its applications in mechanical components submitted to friction and wear including sliding parts in automotive engines. 

Revista/Libro Surface & Coatings Technology
Fecha 2014-10-25
Páginas Vol. 257, pp. 278-285, Oct 25 2014

B. Pinedo, J. Aguirrebeitia, M. Conte, and A. Igartua

Tri-dimensional eccentricity model of a rod lip seal

In this work, an analytical tri-dimensional eccentricity model of a rod lip seal is presented. In the specific, a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) rod lip seal was considered. 

Revista/Libro Tribology International
Fecha 2014-10
Páginas vol. 78, pp. 68-74, Oct 2014

U. Eletxigerra, J. Martinez-Perdiguero, S. Merino, R. Villalonga, J.M. Pingarrón, S. Campuzano

Amperometric magnetoimmunoassay for the direct detection of tumor necrosis factor alpha biomarker in human serum

An amperometric immunoassay for the determination of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFα) protein biomarker in human serum based on the use of magnetic microbeads (MBs) and disposable screen-printed carbon electrodes (SPCEs) has been developed. 

Revista/Libro Analytica Chimica Acta
Fecha 2014-08-01
Páginas Volume 838, 1 August 2014, Pages 37–44

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