Sentiment Analysis Techniques for Positive Language Development

Autor: Fernandez I., Lekuona Y., Ferreira R., Fernandez S. and Arnaiz A. Fecha2014

With the growing availability and popularity of opinion-rich resources such as on-line review sites and personal blogs, the use of information technologies to seek out and understand the opinions of others has increased significantly. 

This paper presents Posimed, a sentiment assessment approach that focuses on verbal language using information technologies for Spanish. We describe how Posimed combines natural language technologies for Spanish and expert domain knowledge to extract relevant sentiment and attitude information units from conversations between people (from interviews, coaching sessions, etc.) and supports the programmes that positivity training experts provide in order to develop the Positivity competence. We have evaluated Posimed both in a quantitative and a qualitative way and these evaluations show that Posimed provides an accurate analysis (73%) and reduces significantly (80% reduction) the time for the same job when it is performed manually by the domain expert.