Protein patterning on the micro- and nanoscale by thermal nanoimprint lithography on a new functionalized copolymer

Autor: S. Merino, A. Retolaza, V. Trabadelo, A. Cruz, P. Heredia, J.A. Alduncín, D. Mecerreyes, I. Fernández-Cuesta, X. Borrisé and F. Pérez-Murano Fecha2009

The localized depositions such as DNA or proteins at the micron or submicron scale on solids supports are a crucial step in the fabrication of advanced biochips and laboratory on chip devices. 

The present work shows a new approach: A new biofunctionalized copolymer based on 80% benzyl methacrylate and 20% succinimydil methacrylate is used as a printable polymer with a great affinity to proteins, leading to combined areas covered by proteins and areas with resistance to proteinadsorption in the submicron scale. Based on this approximation, an immunoassay is proposed as a proof of concept to detect the presence of the rabbit IgG protein up to concentrations of 200 ng/ml.