Optimizing E-Maintenance Through Intelligent Data Processing Systems

Autor: Gilabert, E., Jantunen, E., Emmanouilidis, C., Starr, A., & Arnaiz, A. Fecha2014

The landscape of maintenance and asset management has been reshaped as key technology enablers that are making a significant impact on everyday applications. 

The growing maturing of web-based and semantic maintenance, the ubiquity of mobile and situated computing, and the lowered costs and increased capabilities of wireless sensing and identification technologies are among the enabling technologies having the most significant impact. They are recognized as the key constituents of eMaintenance, the technological framework that empowers organizations to streamline their asset management services and data delivery across the maintenance operations chain. This paper takes a look at these key, contributing technologies, alongside their adoption prospects and current hurdles preventing the wider penetration of eMaintenance in industry.