“Accurate correction of robot trajectories generated by teaching using 3D vision by laser triangulation”

Autor: A. Tellaeche, R. Arana, I. Maurtua Fecha2012

Normal utilization of robot manipulators of anthropomorphic type does not reach beyond the reiteration of preprogrammed trajectories. 

While static robot programs may be sufficient for high volume manufacturers, they are not adequate in one-off or small-batch manufacturing, where programs must be adapted and modified in a dynamic way to fulfill the changing requirements in this type of production. Among the different techniques for robot programming, teaching is one of the fastest when changes have to be applied in complex trajectories. The main drawback of this technique is that a lot of time is lost defining the robot points very precisely. The objective of the work presented in this paper is to facilitate robot programming by combining teaching programming techniques and a 3D machine vision based accurate trajectory following.