A Bayesian network model integrated in a prognostics and health management system for aircraft line maintenance

Autor: Ferreiro, S., Arnaiz, A., Sierra, B., and Irigoien, I. Fecha2011-06

The maintenance strategies of different industrial sectors are changing and evolving continuously in search of cost reduction, optimization of the operational reliability, the availability, and the resources used. 

The aeronautical industry belongs to this group. This article presents the global framework of a health management system as a new concept in aircraft line maintenance. This framework allows the transformation of the traditional maintenance (preventive and corrective, time based) into a predictive maintenance based on prognostic techniques. The article focuses in the development of the module ‘Condition View’, which has an essential role within this new model since it determines the deterioration and remaining useful life of critical aircraft parts. The case of detection and prediction of the aircraft break wear using a Bayesian net model that covers part of the functionality of ‘Condition View’ integrated in the global framework is presented.