Tekniker Knowit, Competitive Intelligence and Surveillance addressed in a simple and practical manner

Date12-05-2021 - 12-05-2021 Date

Online | 15:00 - 15:30 h | 30 minutes

Tekniker Sharing Events, webinar, Tekniker Knowit, technological surveillance

Gorka Varela
Coordinator Innovation and Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence and Surveillance provides a systematic process that gathers and analyses information related to the business environment, the competition and the organisation itself to explain what it means and its implications in terms of decision making.

In short, the ultimate goal is to detect opportunities and anticipate changes based on managing information related to our environment efficiently. Thanks to Tekniker Knowit software, it is simple to manage an organization’s information flow. Essentially, it gathers external information as well as data on the company itself that is selected, analysed, disseminated and communicated so it can be transformed into baseline information and improve decision making at an operational and strategic level.

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