Sol-Gel coatings: functionalities and industrial implementation

Date24-02-2021 - 24-02-2021 Date

Online | 15:00 - 15:30 h | 30 minutes

Tekniker Sharing Events, surface chemistry, nanotechnology, Sol-Gel

Amaia Martínez
Coordinator of the Sol-Gel line

Sol-gel chemical coatings provide a very interesting option thanks to the possibilities they offer in terms of chemically modifying or incorporating additives to formulations. As they are deposited under wet conditions, different options can be used to add them on to production processes (plunging, spraying, slot-die…), as a function of the type of industrial process and the parts involved.

In the webinar, the possibilities offered by coatings of this kind will be discussed with regard to achieving different functionalities. Examples of successes related to industrial applications in different fields will also be explained.


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