Jornada técnica sobre la Metrología óptica 3D en planta de producción

Date29-09-2022 - 29-09-2022 Date


Jornada técnica metrología óptica 3D en plata de producción.

3D measuring technologies allow quality to be controlled directly in production environments. During this seminar, you will learn more about the challenges and solutions associated with applying automated 3D optical metrology and discover the experience of companies that are already using this technique in different sectors.

The event will address issues related to the use of GOM ScanBoxes in production environments, such as multi-parts, Kiosk, connections to external data bases, De-warp and Virtual Mooring. Experts will showcase a large variety of processes ranging from metal shaping, injection moulding to additive manufacturing without losing sight of most significant challenges and constraints currently limiting the implementation of these technologies at production plants.

In addition to the lectures, there will also be a live software demonstration area where you can consult with specialists.

Tekniker, Metronic and GOM will jointly organise this seminar on September 29 at Tekniker’s headquarters.


  • 09:30h: Recepción y Bienvenida
  • 09:45h: Control de Calidad con soluciones de Metrología óptica 3D. Metronic & GOM Metrology | Carlos Urgoiti
  • 10:30h: Planes de vigilancia mediante digitalizado 3D. OPEL | Daniel Fernández
  • 11:00h: Pausa café + Demos
  • 11:30h: Retos y principales actividades de investigación de la Metrología óptica 3D en producción. Tekniker | Sergio Gómez y Unai Mutilba
  • 12:10h: Datos de proceso con medición completa. Metronic & GOM Metrology | Iñigo Blázquez
  • 12:50h: Medición óptica 3D en aeronáutica ITP Aero | Néstor Bilbao
  • 13:20h: Visita instalaciones de Tekniker.
  • 14:00h: Lunch + Demo
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