The 2018 IoT Week Conference will address the most recent challenges and trends related to the Internet of Things in Bilbao

Date 04-06-2018 IK4-TEKNIKER Tags IoT .

The venue chosen to hold this international forum from June 4 - 8 is the Euskalduna Conference Centre of the Biscayan capital.

The possibilities offered by artificial intelligence together with recent developments related to Big Data, cybersecurity challenges and data protection in the digital era or industry 4.0 are some of the issues to be addressed at the 2018 International IoT Week Conference to be held at the Euskalduna Conference centre in Bilbao from June 4 - 8.

Hosted by the Basque technology centre IK4-TEKNIKER, the forum will to analyse recent trends reported in the field of the Internet of Things. Topics related to 4.0 technologies, moreover, will be reviewed in addition to new digital business models.

Under the slogan “Where the experts meet, and the future is crafted”, the conference will serve to strengthen ties and alliances between stakeholders and reveal improvements applied to IoT technologies in strategic areas for our economy such as industry, manufacturing or food safety.

With a programme featuring a large number of presentations to be given by leading international experts, the event to be held on June 5 will be attended, among other local authorities, by the deputy regional minister for Technology, Innovation and Competitiveness of the Basque Government ms Estíbaliz Hernáez. This year´s edition will focus, among others, on subject matters such as research and development applied to IoT, 5G technological convergence, smart cities or advanced manufacturing. During the forum, there will be presentations, discussions and workshops. Information will also be provided on successful start-ups using IoT as a lever to optimise their activities and enhance their competitiveness.

The Conference will host the Global IoT Summit (GloTS), an event where scientific papers dealing with recent developments connected to IoT will be presented and selected.

A large number of IK4-TEKNIKER experts

In addition to international speakers, the conference will also feature experts from the Basque technology centre who will explain the work carried out in recent years at IK4-TEKNIKER in the field the Internet of Things.

Among others, researchers Iker Esnaola and Francisco Javier Díez will describe the use of data supplied by IoT devices and how Semantic Technologies can enhance building energy efficiency.

Joseba Izaguirre, on the other hand, will address the issue of advanced sensors. He will give a few examples of several technological developments the technology centre has been working on in the field of advanced sensorics and IoT, specifically in relation to the agrofood business.

Mikel Armendia will look into current machine tool trends in line with progress reported in the field of IoT. Specifically, his presentation will focus on developments related to two European projects, Twin-Control – led by IK4-TEKNIKER – and MC Suite – led by IK4-IDEKO.

The person in charge of Micro and Nanomanufacturing at IK4-TEKNIKER, Santos Merino, will describe the work done at the centre in the field of sensors manufactured by means of micro and nanomanufacturing techniques. These sensors detect specific cells or biomolecules in the blood, as well as the presence of allergens or bacteria at food processing plants.

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