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Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies


Due to the wide range of technological horizontal applications that TEKNIKER has developed over recent years, the energy sector and its suppliers have found a technological provider that is noted for its ability to undertake multi-discipline projects, capable of providing integral solutions to specific problems.

Contact: renovables@tekniker.es.

Concentrating Solar Power

  • Design of new components.
    • Stirling engines.
    • Solar collectors.
    • Precision trackers and solar sensoring.
    • Test benches.
  •  Coatings. (PDF)
    • Functionalization of optical surfaces: selective, reflective or antireflecting coatings.
    • Development of hydrophobic, hydrophilic, biocide, self-cleaning or photocatalitic surfaces.
  •  Heat transfer and storage.
    • Modeling and simulation of thermohydraulic systems.
    • Development characterisation and monitorization of HTFs.
    • Design and characterisation of Phase Change Materials (PCMs) for energy storage at different temperature ranges (PDF)
    • PCMs encapsulation and use of nanotechnology for improving thermal properties of storage and transfer materials.
    • Chemical and structural analysis of molten salts.
    • Chemical reactions for energy storage.
  • Set-up, operation and maintenance.
    • Autonomous heliostats or throughs (wireless)
    • Predictive maintenance based on HTF analysis. (PDF)
    • Detoxification of water and soils contaminated by HTFs. (PDF)
    • New O&M strategies.
    • Taylor made systems for control and verification of assembly processes.
    • Geometric characterisation of collectors.
    • Energy-efficiency optimisation.

Reference customers: Abengoa Solar New Technologies, Sener, Torresol Energy, ACS-Cobra, Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas, Samca Renovables, Rioglass Solar, PSA.

Download our Concentrated Solar Power brochure (PDF)

Photovoltaic Solar Energy (PDF)

  • Development of CIGS (Copper indium gallium selenide)solar cells: chalcopyrite absorbers, CIGS, contacts and buffer layer.
  • Development of transparent conductive oxite (TCO)
  • Development of laser scribing processes for thin layer cells.

Reference customers:  Soliker, Saint Gobain, Acerinox.

Thermal and electrical storage

  • Magnetically suspended flywheels.
  • Vanadium redox batteries (VRB) (PDF)
  • Design of intelligent materials for thermal storage (PDF)

Reference customers: Corporación Zigor, Acciona Infraestructuras, Ciemat.

Wind Energy

  • Advanced maintenance strategies.
  • Lubrication of critical elements (Wearcheck Ibérica)
    • Developments of biolubricants.
    • Control in use of lubricants, on-line sensors, remaining useful live estimation, etc.
  • Mechatronic simulation and design.
  • Development of advanced control strategies.
  • Equipment monitoring and instrumentation.

Reference customers:  Gamesa, Iberdrola Renovables, Acciona, GE-Wind, Alstom Wind, EDP Renovables.

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