The Basque Government (Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures)

IK4-TEKNIKER, in cooperation with the Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures of the Basque Government, works to enhance competitiveness throughout the Basque business fabric, by means of technological innovation.

The Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures manages an important series of R+D+i aid and promotion programmes highly oriented at the transfer of new knowledge to business companies in the Basque Country, with the goal of creating more wealth and social well-being. These programmes enable IK4-TEKNIKER to gain skills and generate new applied knowledge, as well as to know how to cooperate with the Basque business fabric on high-impact R+D+i projects.

Mr. Iosu Madariaga Garamendi, Director of Technology and Strategy, is the person who represents this institution on the Governing Board.

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