Course on the fundamentals of machinery lubrication

Date19-09-2017 - 21-09-2017 Date


Fundamentals of industrial lubrication, machinery, industrial maintenance

IK4-TEKNIKER - Lubrication Management has organised a course on fundamentals of machinery lubrication (FML), offered by Noria Co. in the installations of the Eibar technology centre, to take place between the 19th and 21nd of September 2017.

This course aims to provide the knowledge required to understand the importance of lubricant properties and the strategies for selecting the right lubricant for each machine.

Specifically, students will study the fundamentals of lubricants; the characteristics of oil and grease bases; and the importance of good lubrication practices and their impact in machinery maintenance.

This course, which is part of the cycle of “Lubrication Seminars”, imparted yearly by Lubrication Management, will address frequent questions and concepts, such as:

  • Why lubricant additives are so important
  • Which lubricant is best for the machinery 
  • How to decide if a lubricant is suitable for the working environment of the machinery
  • The importance of lubrication in the reliability of the machinery
  • The different types of base oils used to manufacture lubricants
  • The difference between a grease and a lubricating oil

This training course is intended for heads of maintenance and operations, lubrication technicians, operating personnel, laboratory analysts, lubrication engineers, etc., in industries focussed on fields such as aerospace, renewable energies and machine tools, among others.

Preparation for obtaining ICML Certificates

At the same time, this course is meant to prepare students for the MLA I Machinery Lubricant Analyst - Level I and the MLT I Machinery Lubrication Technician Certification exams offered by the ICML (International Council for Machinery Lubrication). Both are in accordance with the ISO 18436-4 standard.

What is the ICML?

The International Council of Machinery Lubrication is a neutral non-profit organization that was founded to facilitate the growth and development of machinery lubrication as a field of technical expertise. Amongst its activities, the ICML offers ability certification exams for professionals in the field of lubrication, monitoring of machinery conditions and oil analysis.


Venue: IK4-TEKNIKER (Eibar, Gipuzkoa, Spain)
Days: 19/09/2017 - 21/09/2017
Price: 795€ (21% VAT not included). The price includes lunch, coffee and documentation.

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