Tissue engineering

Health products


  • Pharmaceutical firms
  • Biotechnological firms
  • Companies developing cell therapies
  • Companies requiring biofunctional surfaces
  • Manufactured by  microinjection in biocompatible and/or biodegradable polymers
  • The bio industry
  • Companies wishing to scale up their  laboratory processes to be repeatable and reproducible

IK4-TEKNIKER provides for the biomedicine sectorin four main areas:

  • Identification and quantification of biomarkers
  • Tissue engineering
  • Health products manufactured by microinjection
  • Equipment for the bio industry

1. Identification and quantification of biomarkers

  • For pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies interested in the control and monitoring of biomarkers in body fluids (liquid biopsies) for personalised medicine.
  • Easy-to-use, low-cost devices touse at home.
  • Rapid detection in low concentrations using micro and nanotechnology capabilities.
  • Capabilities for multiplexed detection made-to-measure for specific biomarkers.

2. Tissue engineering

  • For companies developing cell therapies and those requiring biofunctional surfaces such as implant manufacturers.
  • Development of 2D and 3D scaffolds in a variety of materials.
  • Geometric specific design for cell differentiation and proliferation.
  • Development of coatings and/or textures for biofunctional surfaces for accelerating osseointegration or biocide layers with antibacterial activity.

3. Health products manufactured by  microinjection

  • Development of health products in biocompatible and/or biodegradable polymers and manufactured by microinjection.
  • Manufacture of prototypes for feasibility studies.
  • Injection simulation to guarantee filling of cavities.
  • Design, manufacture and the setting up of moulds.
  • Manufacture of pre-series prior to market launch.
  • Monitoring of process and product for zero-defect manufacturing.

4. Equipment for the bio industry

  • Drawing up specifications for converting laboratory processes into repeatable and reproducible ones.
  • Design and development of equipment  under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) use.
  • Customised solutions based on the integration of skills and know-how in mechatronics, control, robotics and automation.
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