The Basque Government recognises the professional trajectory of IK4-TEKNIKER researcher Amaya Igartua

Date 22-11-2018 IK4-TEKNIKER

The Basque Government has underscored the "work, dedication and enthusiasm" of this IK4-TEKNIKER researcher and her contribution with regard to "making the Basque technology centre a far more excellent organisation”.

IK4-TEKNIKER´s researcher Dr Amaya Igartua has been recognised as one of the most outstanding experts working at Basque technology centres and cooperative research centres (CICs) in the course of an event held yesterday afternoon and presided by President Iñigo Urkullu and the Regional Minister for Economic Development and Infrastructures, Arantxa Tapia.

With this recognition, the Basque Government wishes to emphasize "the work, dedication and enthusiasm of Amaya Igartua, as well as her contribution with regard to making IK4-TEKNIKER "a much more excellent" centre when setting up "an effective collaboration" between stakeholders and creating "quality projects" in the field in of R&D&I.

Amaya Igartua joined IK4-TEKNIKER in 1991 and was the first person to work for the company with a doctorate degree. She directed the Tribology Unit for 10 years where studies deal with friction, wear and lubrication. During this period, another ten people with an identical academic background have joined the company which has served to further the scientific level of our workforce. Tribology helps to improve the quality and durability of surfaces that are in contact with each other and also studies the compatibility of components and interactions with the environment.

In this regard, she has played a most outstanding role by helping to develop and manufacture new machines and tribological test procedures to obtain new materials and lubricants that can extend the life cycle of components in relative motion (prostheses, bearings, gears, moulds, flooring, fabric, joints, etc.) by simulating their durability in different aggressive media (offshore, high temperatures, ultra high vacuum). Although most of this equipment is currently in operation at IK4-TEKNIKER, other units have been commissioned at leading industrial firms such as Audi, Fagor Ederlan, Goizper and Mecauto.

Since June 2017, this outstanding expert in tribology has been coordinating an initiative related to materials. She has also held the position of Co-secretary to EUMAT, the European Platform of Advanced Materials.

Among many other activities, Igartua has been involved in approximately fifty European projects, over twenty national and regional initiatives and 50 industrial projects that have made it possible to transfer both the knowledge and results obtained to the industry at large.

This act of recognition, the first-ever of its kind to be hosted by the Basque Government, has consisted in a private gathering presided by the President and the regional minister where, in addition to the researchers themselves and their families, the director general and director of Technology at IK4-TEKNIKER, Alejandro Bengoa and Ana Aranzabe, respectively, were also present.

Amaya Igartua stressed that it is an "honour" to not only "represent" IK4-TEKNIKER but also all other companies and institutions that have "accompanied, supported and funded the technology centre in all the research projects it has been involved". “These projects have allowed us to strengthen IK4-TEKNIKER which is nowadays one of Europe´s leading tribology laboratories”.

Both herself and the rest of IK4-TEKNIKER researchers have been selected based on criteria of "excellence, specialisation and proximity to the market".

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